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2023 by Business Solutios.

Increasing Sales, Profit and Cash Flow

While the process of business is universal across all industries, company sizes, and geographies, your journey through them is unique and customised to what you and your business is most needing attention on.


Our first meeting.​


An initial neds diagnosis can be as short as 1-2 hours and is carried out in discussion for which there is no charge.


Essentially, we diagnose organisational needs by looking at the  internal factors such as business goals, people skills required and the gap between the two. We also assesses the external factors affecting the business - the challenges impacting it and the changes needed to thrive.

It is also an opportunity to assess our ability to work together.


From this we plan our course of action.

The Process - the missing link.


Having identified your priority requirements we meet at least 4 times per month, using our proven diagnostic tools measure exactly where you are, benchmark against good practice and set the targets for improvement.


We discuss, devise and plan the actions, set our performance milestones and then work toward achieving them through innovative and creative solutions.

Sustainable change.


Nothing ever goes wrong by itself - it has either been wrong from day one or, something has changed in order to make it go wrong.

Therefore everytime we change something because we THINK it is wrong - we are creating another opportunity for it to go even more wrong.


In or order to make sure change is sustainable we will take you through a thorough Situation Appraisal and a well structured Analysis of a Problem and guide you through a Decision Analysis to enure the change adopted will deliver an acceptable result with an acceptable risk.

Insights Diagnostic

Following our first meeting we will provide you AT NO COST an insights DIAGNOSTIC report based on our assesment of the top line business issues - challenges - opportunites.